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Agnes Herczku chante à Paris

le 6 février 2014 à 20h

Institut hongrois | 92, rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

Agnes Herczku chantera les adaptations de chansons traditionnelles de Béla Bartók et sera accompagnée au piano.

Agnes Herczku est l'une des plus belles voix de musique du monde en Hongrie. Elle s'est déjà produite à Paris à plusieurs reprises au Théâtre de la Ville et au Théâtre de Chaillot notamment avec le groupe Hegedös, puis Fonó Zenekar.​

label : Hagyomanyok Haza

"Whenever I listened to vocal performances of Bartók's folk adaptations, I was always disturbed by the manner of the performance. I had the sense that I have to overcome the obstacle of convention in order not to be separated from the genuine Bartókean message. (...) Therefore I made up my mind to re-publish these adaptations in such a way that they retain both their ethnologic and artistic authenticity. (...)
In the course of rehearsals for this CD, I became increasingly convinced that the musical world - the exploration of which Bartók called the happiest time of his life - entirely dwelled not only in his soul but also in his mind and in his music from note to note, though much of it has not been recorded in his scores. (...) He simply knew that he has no opportunity to have these tunes performed on stage the very same way he had collected them and how they echoed in his mind and in the imaginary ideal performances of his compositions. I am almost certain that if he could, Bartók would have followed the style and ornamentation of the collected folk tunes in the most faithful way, paying careful attention to even the slightest minutiae. By assembling this CD, we pursued this Bartokean dream. This very same dream was what had previously motivated the founders of the dance house movement, I consider it fairly appropriate to fulfill Bartók's dreams through the publication of his adaptations also. Beside Bartók's sheet music, the present record is based on the contemporaneous vocal performances of the original folksongs he had collected and composed adaptations of. Except from the emphatic first and last pieces, the pieces on the present record have been grouped according to the three already published cycles, with special attention to the order Bartók himself had assembled for his concerts. The spelling of the Hungarian lyrics is based on the spelling of the sheet music." László Kelemen





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